Ahad, 25 Julai 2010

Story On the Beach. Rainbow. Fireflies. Rain. Kiss. Propose.

20 July 2010

First Arrive on the beach,
Somewhere in Brunei Beach....
We're sitting on the Big Rock,
All the time, Where Rainbow above us..
we keep on talking about us.
I didn't realize that each hours past us so fast..

On the beach,
I keep on staring on your pretty eye.
The more i stare at your eye,
the more you shy to look at me.
Talking about you is so effortless,
You make me felt comfortable & easier
because you're too Speechless..
hehe.. =p

Hour past Hour~
Day getting dark and almost Rain..
Im asking you, with your permission..
Me;"Errmm..Can i Kiss You?"
Reply; "Who?" (*who else dear.. there's only two of us there...haha*)
Me; "You!"
....Then you just keep your chin down...........wind blowing~~~
I hold your chin up and touch your lip, Kiss you fast, then both Shy... *Blurr~* We're just watching Fireflies surrounding us..

Rain Start to fall.. """"""~
Drive around and trap in the car...
Holding Hand is what we do 24/7..haha..

Your silence is killing me,
until you say 6 words..
Happiest moment happen..

Thanks For the Propose 207.

XoXo.Love You.

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