Isnin, 30 Mei 2011

The One That i Always Adore, Hope he Didn't Turn His Back On Me.

A friend that i know 1st in Facebook. I know him disebab kan ia tersalah send (inbox) in my Facebook.I never ever meet him and see him except in his Facebook Pictures. And Then when out Trip to Negara Jiran. I felt wierd of this guy i saw, its a familiar face but i Ignore.. Might Be a wrong Person. and then we go round around Shopping Mall and i saw him again and Tegur yet..its Him..hehehe..

Is That God Will to let Us Know each Other Or Him self sengaja Send kat (inbox).. I dont Know and I dont care.

"This Kid" hehehe.. sometime i call him WIERD coz kalo Msn He is Different kalo jumpa Gila lain Character dia.. Hyper Gila like Daaa~ After 2 years knowing budak penuh drama ni.. hahahahhaha...suddenly he become my close friend. Tho he is stayin far far away we still contact. And sometime i call him BODO gak.. tak tau nape..ahaha.. he is a very true friend,

Kadang dia ni bannyak drama, yet best to listen. Family, Friends and Relationship drama. haha.. Stress n sedih dah makanan harian dia.. but now ia dah berubah.. Happy go lucky. yeyyy! bila ia sedih o when ever i try my best to stay by his side. i support him no matter what.

Now he has someone to be with.. Not Sure laa, (to be confirm) haaha.. he now dah ada someone he like, Snap Snap he gone, txt not reply, kadang lambat..
I try to think positive yet Negative comes..

Do you really need me when u sad n stress? How about Happy? Does it count? I dont know..

P/S; I Never Leave Friends..They Do.

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