Selasa, 29 Jun 2010

Feeling with Distance person. P* Lets talk LOVE.. yeah~

Hey P*... First saw you..haha..So Speechless with your doll eye. Your kindness. Fuhhh~ hahaha..
Kinda funny tho, but yeah i fall for you.
What stuck us?
Believing & Far.

This post is Especially for you P*.

Let me Share Something.........~

How Do You Know what love?

You know you are in love when you desire to share the most simple things with someone. You think of that person whenever something happens to you.... You know that you love that person when you exit a stuffy building and think of that person when you feel the gentle breeze on your wish that person were share the moment. You know you love that person when you want that person to feel what you feel....each moment of each day....

Is this Right??? I guess.. This is What on my mind.

::::Secret Conversations of An Internet::::

We were trying to get to know each other - and quickly learned how much we had in common. a spectator peering secretly into the windows of our souls as we communicate with each other for over few weeks till now - from a distance. During this time, we sensed within ourselves escalating passion, that would ultimately reach the great climax of the first time we would finally meet face to face.

Till now.. i don't hope for more but just to know you is far more than enough.
its a bless knowing you.
A face like you usually a half bad person face, sorry to say..hehe
You totally seems different, and a memories that cannot be easily been faded is,
the time when i suffer a lot that day.
you are there!! you didn't left me, even a second..
SWEAR TO GOD, P* is there 24hrs!!
I Just cant sleep to see your face.
A bless knowing you until now.

THANK YOU* you are the best among all.


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  1. suweeeetttttt ding!!!! hate u!!! no story, i kill you wen u onshore!!! apa punya kawan!!!